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Carnal Exhibition "A Trouble Shared Is A Trouble Halved"



Artist(s): Carnal Exhibition
Label: Sektion1
Cat. no: -

"Carnal Exhibition performs power electronics with a respect and admiration for the old ways, while carving their own bleeding wound in the body of industrial music. Lyrical themes are solely centered on sexual deviation, while the pulsating electronics and screeching sounds of abused metal function to underscore the anguish and lust of a peculiar and unwanted biological configuration. This is not entertainment, actually it is closer to an education of taboos, a confrontation with the so-called filth of humanity, that most turn a blind eye on. Therefore it is central for the groups mission to confront their audience with harsh sounds and extreme emotional charge, giving due credit to the continuing horrors of humanity. Thirty minutes of frustration, lust and hate."