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Wince "Traum"


CD, album

Artist(s): Wince
Label: Freak Animal Records
Cat. no: -


"Debut full length CD from the great Wince!! Freak Animal has been once in a while been described as "harsh noise noise label", but most probably realize it hardly is accurate. Among 80+ CD's, true harsh noise blasting has remained minority. Wince has been among names I have wanted to publish since I first heard it. Long wait didn't disappoint. Long under preparation reveals harsh noise at its very best. Utmost care to detail of texture, without sounding like being result of endless editing. Heaviness and stability of harshness, without falling into one dimensional flat wall. Ability to build long tracks based on tension of not making it too easy and too predicable. Soundlink may give you good view on massive noisiness, yet there is more to this album than just sheer brutality."

"Gewidmet Lamar Gant, einem Amerikanischen Kraftdreikämpfer-Weltmeister"