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Various "Satura"


Magazine published by Yard Press
204 pages
Paperback twist­stitching
Soft cover

Satura contains a series of snapshots of the everyday lives of the young inhabitants of Nicosia, taken by themselves. What we were asking was to get a glimpse of their lives, to get an immediate, spontaneous idea of their identities, with no filters and no mediation. This is the task that these young people enthusiastically set out to do: to document and manifest a part of their lives that is usually reserved to their closest friends and family. That the participants of this project, those who made this book possible, came both from the Greek Cypriot community of Nicosia as well as from the Turkish Cypriot one, seems almost superfluous to point out. Superfluous, because one of this book’s purposes was precisely to defy the need for such specifications.

“The result is a great, rich, crazy, beautiful mosaic of things and places and faces, made up of houses inside and out, neighbourhoods, streets, shops, unmade beds, plants, animals, excursions, portraits, selfies, cars, photos of photos. Throughout all this, history is much like a background noise, one that is so constant and present, you almost stop hearing it”.
Lina Protopapa

Satura contains an essay by Lina Protopapa and is published in conjunction with Uncovering Identites project that took place in Nicosia at the end of 2014. The project, curated by Lina Protopapa, included workshops and an exhibition by Achille Filipponi, was supported by Home for Cooperation and funded by Norway Grants.