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Uncodified "Hardcore Methodology"


CD, album

Artist(s): Uncodified
Label: Old Europa Cafe
Cat. no: OECD203

In the past few years, Corrado Alteri (Candor Chasma, Monosonik, TH26)'s has been making quite a name for himself with his loudest project, thanks to the complex and highly differentiated styles of each release, always hoisting the banner of abrasive post-industrial experimentation.

Cold experimental atmospheres, concrete sounds, analog violence, pure industrial wreckage and full frontal power electronics, are the many different ingredients that make Hardcore methodology a real manifesto that shows the many faces and skills of UNCODIFIED thanks also to the collaboration with acclaimed and notorious projects and individuals like Simon Balestrazzi (TAC, Candor Chasma, etc.), Marco Wertham's Caligula031, Paolo Bandera's SShe Retina Stimulants, Bologna Violenta and Gianluca Favaron.

With the help of these fellow gentlemen, Altieri successfully assembles his work by constantly comparing its compositions to the methodology used by directors of Hardcore movies, obsessively following the same flow and scenes visualization by mean of the constantly-changing structures of his work.

CD comes in full colour digipack, artwork by Elena De Angeli, mastering by Simon Balestrazzi (T.A.C.).

Tracklist :
01 Welcome!
02 Methodology 1
03 Catalogues [featuring : Gianluca Favaron]
04 ( L ) Hotel
05 Anterooms [featuring : Bologna Violenta]
6 Collection Of Clothes
07 Complete Actress [featuring : Caligula031]
08 Methodology 2
09 The Teachers [featuring : SSHE Retina Stimulants]
10 Summer Instructions [featuring : Simon Balestrazzi]
11 Cotton Pads [featuring : Simon Balestrazzi]
12 Available Location
13 Dubbing [featuring : SSHE Retina Stimulants]
14 Preparatory Study [featuring : Gianluca Favaron]
15 Methodology 3 (End Of Report)