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Sutcliffe Jügend "Shame"

13.00 / Sold Out

CD, album

Artist(s): Sutcliffe Jügend
Label: Hagshadow
Cat. no: 1-17


Experimental Industrial music legends of thirty-five years Sutcliffe Jugend follow ‘Offal’ with the more introspective and intense ‘Shame’. Presented in a 6pp Digipak cover featuring new artwork by Kevin Tomkins.

The superbly produced album begins with the title track which builds on a heavy riff to an intense climax, as the passion and emotion reaches breaking point.

A new Shame is faced with each track, ‘Sledge’ goads those who compromise their art for acceptance, ‘Hurts’ sucks you into a world of domestic hell while the brutal ‘Bait’ is the closest SJ have ever come to a traditional rock song before the listener is drowned in thirteen minutes of ‘Blood’.

Sutcliffe Jugend continue their personal journey without compromise, creating an album of purity, violent beauty and Shame.