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Spiteful Womb "Desolator"


CDr, album

Artist(s): Spiteful Womb
Label: Old Europa Cafe
Cat. no: OECDR066

An aural meditation on hopelessness, and the dislocation of the individual in an era of uninterrupted, globalized conflict. Techniques of power electronics, death industrial, and sound collage are applied to create barren landscapes of restless despair.

Spiteful Womb is Nora Luisa Egloff - extreme P/E from USA.

Limited and numbered edition of 57 copies.

1. Unsaid
2. Tactical Victimhood
3. Midway
4. Sound of the Suspect
5. Desolator
6. A Palace A Prison
7. The Past is Never Over
8. Tobruk Bells

Spiteful Womb "Sound of the Suspect"