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Plague Mother "In Memory, In Skin, In Bone"

8.00 / Sold Out

C30 Cassette

Artist: Plague Mother
Label: Unseen Force
Cat. no: FORCE_XXX


"We’ve fooled ourselves so well we no longer acknowledge our own ruse. Lulled ourselves into comfortable malaise predicated on transient identities. We congratulate one another on our carefully managed personas. But the charade lasts only for the audience - and we go to great lengths to retain an audience every waking moment. Alone, our veil is lifted and we are present with every concealed knowledge of ourselves. That which cannot be changed. That which must be carried, forevermore. The indelible. Permanence on an existential level. The things we cannot leave behind, the things we cannot ignore, the things we cannot abolish. Ghostlimbs we will never lose. That which is etched into memory, scarred into skin, broken into bone."

Cassette come housed in hard norelco case, with 4 panel cardstock j-card.