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Paranoid Time "All Knobs to the Far Right"

5.00 / On Sale

C28 cassette

Artist(s): Paranoid Time
Label: No Rent Records
Cat. no: NRR40


"Listen, there is nothing I can say to convince you to buy this tape, or that you would dig this tape. If you like noise, you might. I like it a lot. You may buy it, you may not. Chances are, if you are reading this, you have already made up your mind if you should buy it. I think you should. I also think that if you like noise, you should spend more time youtubing videos of people cold starting their Trabants, or big rigs jake braking on downhill roads. I also think you should stop whining about your tinnitus, and learn to embrace it. Yeah, doesn't really matter what I think you ought to do, does it?

This is a new tape by Paranoid Time. It is noisy, grating, rough, and very good in the way Paranoid Time tapes usually are. ADD TO CART. BUY. "

- Tommy Carlsson