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One Dark Eye "Dayton Live"


C80 Cassette

Artist: One Dark Eye
Label: Skeleton Dust Recordings
Cat. no: SDR047


Since 1994, Rodger Stella (formerly of legendary American harsh noise group Macronympha) has been operating under the moniker One Dark Eye.

Whereas Macronympha explored the dark underbelly of humanity through damaged & vile noise, One Dark Eye ventures through the cosmos of the subconscious, transcending the physical realm to a place that is the amalgamation of the drugged mind and deep space. Taking the listener on a trip is a critical aspect of the project, a quality that is highly evident on this recording captured live in Dayton, Ohio at The Brickhaus on May 20th, 2015.
Throughout the 40 minute set, Stella expertly shifts the air molecules in the room with crushed textures reminiscent of 90's American noise, laced with his unique blend of psychotropic electronics.

Program repeats on b-side. Edition of 100 pro-duplicated copies.