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Okha "Power Cannot Conquer Heaven"

5.00 / On Sale

C48 cassette, album

Artist(s): Okha
Label: No Rent Records
Cat. no: NRR46


Why would you want to release a 15+ year old noise tape, originally put out on cdr in 2002, in 2017, an era with plenty of brand new harsh noise? Well, sorry boys, because it's better.

The strength of this specific material was what got Okha on the Macro/Prurient split LP Dada Drumming put out forever ago (your best chance of hearing of them). In this age of sound bite based politics seemingly seeping into music its nice to hear something committed to subtlety. You don't know what it is within the first 10 seconds of pressing play; it rewards loyalty and patience, where much modern noise seems to reward "whatever"-WORSHIP. To me this is a good thing. It changes in organic, unpredictible ways, not just quiet to loud / piano loop / drop off sigh. In this way Power Cannot Conquer Heaven is actually abnormal. Proof that you can make long form, gritty, old school American brutality with experimental soul intact. Sounds killer on cassette to boot. - JC

Edition of 100.