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Noise Receptor Journal: Archive Vol 1



A5, 270 pages

For almost a decade the zine, Noise Receptor Journal, has been documenting the international post-industrial music underground. Each issue has featured reviews and exclusive interviews on dark ambient, death industrial, heavy electronics, power electronics, and other largely ignored forms of music.

Noise Receptor Journal remains a labour of love in the true spirit of the underground. Self-published (out of Melbourne, Australia) it documents a cultural landscape from a unique vantage point, being at once an established and respected voice on that landscape.

This book is the first in a series that compiles the long out-of-print, much sought-after early issues, and contains in their entirety Noise Receptor Journal numbers 1, 2 and 3, as well as new material.

Featured artists include: Alfarmania / Aischrolatreia / Aural Hypnox / Blitzkreig Baby / Fieldwork / Genocide Organ / Grunt / Halo Manash / Puce Mary / Survival Unit / Trepaneringsritualen / Wertham