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Nekrofellatio "Pesadilla En Una Noche Sin Estrellas"


CD, Album

Artist(s): Nekrofellatio
Label: Death Continues Records
Cat. no: DCR005


Primitive Death Industrial from this Italian project.
"Cold and slow evolving minimalist drones, smattering of dialogue samples, 80’s horror synths and muted grinding static... this is not an outwardly aggressive album, rather it is one which embodies a slow, tense and stalking atmosphere which has been honed to razor sharpness through the mastering undertaken by John Stillings (aka Steel Hook Prosthesis).
With ten tracks at just short of hour’s playtime, this is a far more focused and accomplishes album than the debut, and should more than please any fan of Atrax Morgue’s morbid analogue minimalism"
- Noise Receptor