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MB "Triumph Of The Will"


12" Vinyl LP

Artist(s): Maurizio Bianchi
Label: menstrualrecordings
Cat. no: LH75


First ever official vinyl re-issue of the infamous "Triumph of the Will" LP.
The material was previously issued under the moniker Leibstandarte SS MB on Come Organisation, UK.

The moniker and nazi speeches that were added to the music were used without Maurizio Bianchi's knowledge and without his consent.
He was fucked over by William Bennett in 1981 using a contract to gain rights of Bianchi's material who could not or did not read it thoroughly.
It was then released as a "provocative" industrial cassette.

Record comes in black sleeve with paste on cover containing data.
LP is pressed in black vinyl and 7" is pressed in violet vinyl.
Includes an insert with an original 1982 artwork by M.B.

Edition of 300 numbered copies.