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In Ketten "Live At JVA Ichtershausen 1995"

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Artist(s): In Ketten
Label: Tour De Garde
Cat. no: -


This is the only recording by In Ketten (a.k.a. Absurd, the true Tyrants of German Black Metal), simply entitled "Live at JVA Ichtershausen (1995)".
Without In Ketten, "Out of the Dungeon", "Thuringian Pagan Madness" or "Facta Loquuntur" by Absurd would never have been conceived and/or recorded in the first place.
It was a short-lived band which existed from early 1994 through 1995, while three members of Absurd were incarcerated for first degree-murder.
Available for the first time ever, this is the entire live concert that took place behind bars in 1995. This is an important document of Black Metal history, being fully revealed for the first time almost 20 years after being recorded.