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Hiroshi Hasegawa "Live At End Tymes Festival 2014"


C62 Cassette

Artist: Hiroshi Hasegawa
Label: Skeleton Dust Recordings
Cat. no: SDR045


Since his involvement in the earliest days of what is now considered contemporary noise and experimental music, Hiroshi Hasegawa has risen to become one of the most skilled and diverse artists to date within the genres.
For nearly the last 20 years, Hasegawa has been prolific with a variety of recordings and live performances under his name, not including other past & present collaborations and projects such as Mortal Vision, Club Skull, Astro, Astromero, C.C.C.C., and Hijokaidan. Years of practice and dedication to his craft have led to the material that we are proud to present on this essential live document.
For his performance at End Tymes 2014 at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY, Hasegawa delivered a blistering 25+ minute set of his signature style of psychedelic harsh noise which only gained more momentum and power with each passing second. The b-side of the tape finds Hasegawa in the studio further exploring his proven artistry of power and control using abrasive electronics.

Recorded by Bob Bellerue. Edition of 100 pro-duplicated copies.