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Flutter "There Was A Light: 1995-1999"


C94 cassette

Artist(s): Flutter
Label: Hospital Productions
Cat. no: HOS452

A true cult band from the early days of american noise.

While there were predecessors to the stage Flutter was the first mostly computer generated noise to emerge from the harsh noise subculture dominated by pedals in the 90's tape scene.
Zany and unapologetically 'in joke/tongue in cheek', Flutter blended seemingly wholesome middle american undertakings with a soundtrack of suburban violence and placed all of this in a psychedelic digital hell.

This tape is a collection of most of their known appearances, including tracks from legendary comps on labels like Freak Animal and Elsie And Jack, and coveted splits with Ames Sanglantes and Bob Marinelli.

Flutter have remained a project for those in-the-know and are revered by many of today's american noise institutions. We are proud to re-offer this insane and twisted collection of noise-americana. Long ass tape!

Edition of 100.