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Eyestrain #2

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132 pages (+67 pages of reviews in digital format as download link)
Published by Trevor Brubaker

Featuring interviews with:
Oublier Et Mourir - Stefan Hanser’s (Anemone Tube) serene ambient musings
Arv & Miljö - Swedish noise guru in transition
Black Horizons label - Eclectic, Stygian emanations
Shredded Nerve - New York City tape-loop master
Troy Schafer - A look at Troy’s (Kinit Her, etc) gargantuan body of work
Timothy Renner - Stone Breath’s head converses on his many projects
Michael Barthel - Leipzig’s finest sound poet
VICTIM! - Rio de Janeiro-based mammoth electronics

Inner/outer covers by Derrick Spotts (Unseen Force, Purity of Essence)
Inner art throughout by Luke Tandy (Skeleton Dust, Being)