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Bossa Luce "Cicli Siderali Verso L'annientamento"


12" Vinyl LP, 150g

Artist(s): Bossa Luce
Label: Direct Cut
Cat. no: CUT4


Compilation of previously hard to find tracks by Vincent E.F. aka 'Bossa Luce' from Turin. After two self-released highly limited tapes Douce Torture and Aut-Aut, Vincent's creations are for the first time to be heard on vinyl.

Songs like "Los Delegados", "Technical Travel" or "A.D.C.G." lure you into hypnosis where the genius is waiting for you in the darkness.

Vincent's sound is a pure implosion of layered vocals, distortion and synths combined with reckless beats.

Edition of 200 copies.
Comes in hand-folded raw paper package incl. two A4 inserts printed on 80g orange Xeroxed paper.